14 Amazing Gaming Desk Layouts

14 Amazing Gaming Desk Layouts

“I want to make the best gaming environment possible. I bought a gaming PC, a mouse, a keyboard, a headset, and even a gaming chair. But something’s weird...Oh, I know. I’m still using my desk from when I was a kid!”

There are many gamers faced by this sad reality. That is because there are almost no gaming desks specially created for gamers being made, and those that do exist are super expensive. Also, many gamers are not sure what sort of desk is best for them.

In this article, we will introduce 14 gaming desk layout patterns that use gaming furniture Bauhutte has developed . We hope you can use it as a reference to build the perfect desk environment for yourself.

The Fundamental Gaming Desk

  • 1. Gaming Desk (Standard)

    1. Gaming Desk
    1. Gaming Desk

    A highly balanced layout that uses the Gaming Chair, Adjustable Gaming Desk, and Adjustable L Desk. We recommend using these three items as a base for beginners and adding on optional items as necessary. In the image, a Desk Rack has been added for more storage space and the Gaming Desk Mat is being used to protect the flooring from scratches. The 120 cm wide desk is being used for plenty of workspace, but we also recommend the 100 cm wide desk if you value compact furniture with high cost performance.

    Fundamental Items
    Adjustable Gaming Desk BHD-1200M
    Desk Rack BHS-1200H
    Adjustable L Desk BHD-670H
    Gaming Chair RS-200
    Gaming Desk Mat BCM-160
  • 2. Gaming Desk (Low Style)

    2. Gaming Desk (Low Style)

    A low Japanese gaming desk with a gaming floor chair at the center. It doesn’t have an overwhelming presence, so we recommend it to gamers who have small rooms. The main piece of the layout is the Adjustable Low Desk. By adjusting its height, you can sit in the floor chair and have enough space to stretch your legs out. Generally, this is a lower style of 1. Gaming Desk (Standard), but it would be boring to make them exactly the same, so we arranged things to place Adjustable L Desks on each side. Not only do they give you more workspace, but you can also enjoy the cool, fort-like shape. Also, in order to increase the desk’s depth, we added an Adjustable TV Stand to be used as a monitor stand. You can use it to store game consoles and wires.

    Fundamental Items
    Adjustable Low Desk BHD-1000L
    Gaming Floor Chair GX-550
    Adjustable L Desk BHD-670H
    Additional Items
    Adjustable TV Stand BHV-1000H-BK
    Gaming Desk Mat BCM-160
    Adjustable L Desk BHD-670H

Concept Desk Version

From here on out, we will introduce unique concept desks with individual themes. When designing your own original desk set, imagine your ideal desk environment and determine a clear “concept,” then add on the optional parts you need to make that concept a reality. Be deliberate while imagining your goal.

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We borrowed ROG Official products for use in photography.

Turning Your Desk into a Secret Base

When I was little, I envied the secret bases that appeared in superhero shows. Spaces filled with multiple screens, levers, and switches made my heart race.

My research project one summer was to build the “greatest secret base possible.” I spent all my time renovating my desk with cardboard. My mom and female teacher didn’t empathize with me at all, but it was a young man’s dream. Before my exams in my last year of high school, I pushed my desk into a closet to make it a separate room. In college, when I was playing a lot of online games, I surrounded my kotatsu with bookcases on four sides to create a cockpit that was the epicenter of my life.

Before I knew it, my secret base had become part of my life’s work. I even wanted to show how amazing it was to others.

That was how the Bauhutte gaming desk series was created. Now I’m doing my best to develop plans for items that create the best desk environments and spreading the word to gamers, who value uniqueness above all else and seem highly compatible with secret bases.

Bauhutte has three founding principles.

  • 1 Sizing specialized for Japanese people.

    Our chairs are made to have low seats and the surfaces of our desks are adjustable. This makes it easy to adjust positions with simple movements so that small-framed Japanese people can work in comfort.

  • 2 The feeling of being surrounded on all sides.

    Have you ever felt strangely safe or happy in small, closed off spaces such as toilet cubicles? In order to recreate that feeling, we put a lot of effort into our options that allow you to cut yourself off from the outside world. For example, you can place small, L-shaped desks on either side of you or put desk racks on your desk. Although they also function as storage, they create the walls of your secret base.

  • 3 Realistic pricing.

    All of the layouts we introduced on this page can be created for about $1000. Rather than spending $1000 all at once, you can buy new options each month to add on little by little. Cheap furniture will not give you the satisfying environment you desire. However, if the prices are too ridiculous, you’ll never be able to build anything. Through trial and error, we’ve found that the perfect balance of quality and price is this “purchase options → full set = $1000” system. It is made so that students can work part-time and spend half a year building their perfect desk environment. Please enjoy the process of exploring the best gaming desk for yourself.

[Bonus] Basic Knowledge for Choosing a Desk that All Gamers Should Know

There is an infinite number of desks in this world. There are various criteria such as price, function, size, and design, but there are a few things you must keep in mind while creating a comfortable gaming desk. We’d like to introduce them as a way to round out this article.

  • 1.Get a desk with a little extra space.

    If you want to place a 24-inch (or larger) PC monitor on your gaming desk, you need a desk that’s longer than 100 cm and wider than 55 cm. Longer desks allow for dual monitors, while wide desks provide plenty of space for your mouse and keyboard.

  • 2. Choose a shake-resistant desk.

    We’re not just talking about earthquakes. Super cheap desks tend to have wobbly surfaces and lack sturdiness. Desks are the carriers of your expensive gaming devices, so they should be safe and sturdy.

  • 3. Take care with keyboard sliders.

    Keyboard sliders may seem convenient, but they don’t offer much workspace and wobble every time you type. We have to admit that they aren’t very compatible with large gaming keyboards or the stress placed on them by fervent mouse clicks. If you must choose a desk with a keyboard slider, check the reviews on the maker’s product page and other online sites first.


Please check here for Bauhütte’s brand concept and desk layout ideas using our products.